Saturday, July 25, 2009

a year has pass....

a year has fast time many things happen in my life.sad, miserable, happy, laughter, arguing.sometimes i just pondering am i making the right decision by moving back to my hometown?

i had twice loss within a year,i've been stress out, i've been depressed,sometimes i'm at the highest peak, but most of the time i'm at the lowest gap.

what that i realise, i had most of the arguing within a year, most of silent war out of unknown reason or small deal.

i'm so tired, so stress out.that's why sometime people see me as a joyful, cheerful person at my working place, but deep in me, i'm i'm the one bear all the responsibilities-household chores, manage kids & family, entertain both parties of families, financial, working.what will happen if i'm not around one day to do all of these?

i just wish that things can be share, things can be divided...i really wish things can be changes.

i wish people can understand me, treat me better as a human being, as a spouse, as a mother, as a partner, as a friend.not to be close only when they want me, after get left me.i wish all of these can be change....i really wish and pray for it.