Monday, June 15, 2009


Exam..exam..quite surprise after being told by Erisya that she'll have her 1st evaluation for this semester soon.Just wonder what will 4 years old kid shall answer the exam questions.But i don't really put a high expectation for this examination things.why? coz i don't want to out any stress on her. by the way,she is just 4 years old. Further more, you'll get shock to see her timetable:

15/6/09 - 18/6/09

22/6/09 - BM, Jawi, Computer
23/6/09 - English, Art & craft, Science
24/6/09 - Math, Islamic Education, Arabic

29/6/09 - 2/7/09

Whatever, my pray is with you...hope you'll manage to do it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

another sad things happen again...

well,i guess it still fated not to be mine.i accept this fate as i know there must be a solid reason behind this as being placed by Allah SWT. i had another miscarriage. and this time it still early around 3-4 weeks.and i even don't have the chances to do the check-up with doctor.people always says a mother instinct is always correct. as predicted, once the UPT test is done, the second line is blur, my instinct says that it will be the same loss as previous. and its true...i lost 'no.4' today ....and this is the 'worst' birthday gift i ever had.

what ever, i still believe that the best is still yet to come.Amin.....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!

A Wonderful Motivational Poem by Brian Tracy

You cannot change the world,
But you can present the world with one improved person -

You can go to work on yourself to make yourself
Into the kind of person you admire and respect.
You can become a role model and set a standard for others.
You can control and discipline yourself to resist acting
Or speaking in a negative way
Toward anyone for any reason.
You can insist upon always doing things the loving way,
Rather than the hurtful way.
By doing these things each day,
You can continue on your journey
Toward becoming an exceptional human being.
~ ~ ~ ~