Monday, June 15, 2009


Exam..exam..quite surprise after being told by Erisya that she'll have her 1st evaluation for this semester soon.Just wonder what will 4 years old kid shall answer the exam questions.But i don't really put a high expectation for this examination things.why? coz i don't want to out any stress on her. by the way,she is just 4 years old. Further more, you'll get shock to see her timetable:

15/6/09 - 18/6/09

22/6/09 - BM, Jawi, Computer
23/6/09 - English, Art & craft, Science
24/6/09 - Math, Islamic Education, Arabic

29/6/09 - 2/7/09

Whatever, my pray is with you...hope you'll manage to do it.

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